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Relationships and Sex Education

At Lyndon Green Junior School, we believe that promoting the health and wellbeing of our pupils is an extremely important part of their overall education. We do this through our Personal, Social, Health & Economic education curriculum (PSHE), which is taught weekly in every class.

As you may be aware, Relationships and Health Education became compulsory in all primary schools and Relationships and Sex education in all secondary schools in 2020. We reviewed our PSHE curriculum to ensure that the Relationships and Health Education is incorporated as part of our wider PSHE lessons.


Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to watch the video below and complete a feedback form during the consultation period. Below you will find the questions that some parents asked on those forms with our responses:


Can I withdraw my child from lessons on puberty?

'Changing adolescent body' is a statutory part of the health curriculum so parents do not have the option to withdraw their children from these lessons. We will inform you when we will be teaching this part of the curriculum.


Why do boys need to watch the girls' puberty videos and vice versa?

To prepare our children for modern society, we want them to grow up as empathetic, kind individuals with an understanding of the challenges that we all face. As children grow up and experience these changes, we feel that having knowledge on both male and female perspectives is crucial to develop a tolerant, supportive environment.


Are materials used which represent mixed-sex families as well as same-sex and other family groups?

In the video, we share with you some of the resources that we use to make all children feel included and represented. It is important to seek out these resources specifically as the majority of children's books and other materials do not include a diverse representation of families and relationships. Of course, we still use many of those too so it is all about ensuring that we do represent everyone in the materials that we use.







Relationships and Sex Education - Video

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Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy

If you would like to know more, please contact Mrs Guest via the school office.