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Complaints Procedure

If you have an issue please follow the easy step by step guide below.  For more details look at the complaints procedure.


Step One

Speak to your child’s class teacher. In most cases this should be enough to work together to solve the issue.  If you are not happy with the outcome you need to go on to step two.

Step Two

Speak to the year group leader.    If you are still not satisfied with the outcome move to step three.

Step Three

Speak to a member of the leadership team: Mrs Guest or Mr Cheshire.  If you still feel that your issue hasn’t been resolved move on to step four.

Step Four

Raise your concerns with the Head Teacher Mrs McKinley.  School will work very closely with parents to ensure that any concerns raised will be addressed sensitively in a timely manner.  However, if you are still not satisfied you need to move on to step five.

Step Five

Complete a formal complaint form and send it to the acting chair of governors Mrs N. Palmer  A copy of this form can be found in the complaints policy or you can request one from the school office.  

School Complaints Procedure