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Remote Learning Provision

If your child has been asked to self isolate or school is required to close because of Coronavirus we will make use of our remote learning provision.  Here are the answers to many of the frequently asked questions from parents.


How can my child access learning when working from home?


All children have a username and password to access the home learning section on our school website.  This can be found under the children tab.  If you are unsure of usernames and passwords please contact the school office and they will happily support you.


What work will be provided?


The children will be set up to 4 hours of daily learning.  This will consist of 3 structured lessons in the form of pre recorded videos which have been produced by the class teachers following our school curriculum wherever possible:



One other subject (art, history, geography, etc)

The children will also have links to their I am learning accounts, Times Table Rock Stars account, First News accounts and Accelerated Reader Accounts.  Again if you require the passwords please contact the school office.


What support will be available for my child?


The teachers are available during school hours to respond to any queries about the work set.  Please ask the children to send them an email or message them through I am learning and they will get back to you either through email, a message or phone call.  If a supporting adult needs support please call the school office and we will point you in the right direction.


How can my child submit any completed work?


There are a number of ways for your child to submit their completed work: email, tweeting it, submitting a google form or completing an activity on I am Learning.   The best way is via email so that your teacher can provide you with feedback.  


What if we don't have access to the internet/ an online device?


Get in touch with the school office and we will be able to tell you the options we have available to you. 


How can we access online learning resources?


All pupils have been provided with usernames for various accounts that we use in school.  If you need another copy of these contact the school office.  Links to other websites can be found under the year group pages on our school website and also in our home learning section of the website.