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Create an 'Around the World' crossword puzzle. Write clues for you family to solve. A blank crossword sheet is below.


A clues could be:


This place is the capital of the United States. (12 letters)

India is on this continent. (4 letters)



Choose a myth based book from the link below and design a new front cover and write your own blurb for the back.



Think about a holiday you have been on or a place you have visited. Or it could a place you'd like to visit (I'd love to go to New York).


Write a postcard from that location telling someone at home all about your holiday. Tell them what you have seen and done. See some examples below and you can use the postcard template to write your postcard home.


Today make a multiplication flower for a times table of your choice. Look at the examples below. Choose a table you find a little tricky so you can challenge yourself.


A flower template is attached below.


Look at the videos below that show different traditional dances from around the world. 

Why not learn one?


The videos below show the Brazilian samba, Diwali stick dance, Spanish Flamenco and the New Zealand Haka.


Video yourself and with permission upload it to our twitter feed.

Indian Stick Dance (Dandiya)

Indian Stick Dance (Dandiya) "by Indian Cultural & Health Association of Macau - ICHAM" at "Lusofonia Festival & Fringe Festival in Macau.

Learn Brazilian Samba in 5 minutes!

Learn to dance Brazilian Samba online with Rio Carnival Muse Mishel Finlayson!

Flamenco avanzado Guajira. Fin de Curso 2016. Escuela Flamenco Lucía Guarnido

Guajira de las alumnas de flamenco avanzado en el festival de fin de curso 2015/2016 de la Escuela de Flamenco y Danza de Lucía Guarnido

Haka - How To

A step-by-step guide on how to perform the Haka 'Ka Mate' AIG - Proud Sponsor of the All Blacks For More Information, Please Visit: