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Making Memories





When you are reading aloud, remember to stop at full stops and pause at commas. I wonder what your favourite story will be?


I've attached a sheet below with an example to help you set out your work. Good luck finding lots of lovely adjectives!


I can't wait to see your cartoon strip of your story!

Remember, cartoon characters can have speech bubbles so you don't have to write what they are saying under the picture.


The BBCBitesize videos are really helpful for halving. If you want to double, you just get the same amount again and add (ie: 4 sweets and 4 sweets make 8 sweets so double 4 is 8).

Remember, halving makes it smaller and doubling makes it bigger.


Intriguing inventions.

It's Design and Technology Day - Hurray!

Will you invent something to help a nurse or doctor or will it be something no-one has ever thought of?

Label your design with the materials you will need and how it is used.Good luck creating something new!