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Making Memories





Use the website below to practise words ending -ly. Choose from a range if activities and then take the test.



Read this book about Michelle Kwan. Imagine you are her and write about a significant day she had. For example when she was in the Olympics or worked for the US government.



Today I would like you to find out all about the NHS. Watch the video and then decide how you want to present your information.


You could:

 - print out the timeline and put it in order

 - use the timeline and put it into your own words and pictures

 - create an information leaflet about the NHS



Using the numbers:


127          111          200         28          65


How many different addition and subtraction calculations can you make using these numbers?




Three of these numbers add together to make 266.


Which are they? You could use the inverse operation to find out.


Sophia Barnacle was a British inventor who invented the Helter Skelter in 1907.


Watch the video below and then try and create your own helter skelter or marble run using junk modelling materials. Film your finished run and post it to out twitter feed.  

How to make a homemade marble run

This video shows you the best step by step video instructions for how to make a homemade marble run. Check out the how to make a homemade marble run activity...