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Making Memories





Use the link below to practise your spelling. (laptop and table compatible)






Watch the video below to find out where chocolate comes from.

You could find a recipe that involves chocolate and make it.


How does the cacao tree grow?

Joseph has taken a break from Kew's Great Plant Hunt to find out how the cacao tree grows. His quest takes him into the rainforest where he finds out how pla...


Narrative Writing - based on The Alchemist's Letter


Write a description of the opening scenes.  Describe the outside of the cottage and compare with the inside. 
Rewrite the story as a narrative using a range of narrators. 
Write a description of the machine, painting a picture with words and showing the sense of awe that that Veridion has. 


Use skittles, smarties, lego bricks or the picture below. What fraction of each colour can you see? For example, in the lego blocks below 2/16 are red which is the same as 1/8. What else can you see?




Tropical rainforests are found on or near to the equator.

They are found all around the circumference of the Earth.

They are on the coast and inland.


They can be found in:

Northern South America - Brazil, Peru, Mexico

Central Africa - Democractic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea

South East Asia - Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, India, Australia

Rainforest Layers


Have a look at the information below.

You could:

 - create a piece of art work showing the different layers of the rainforest

 - use the printable sheets to cut out and create the rainforest layers, placing the animals in the right places.