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The 10 facts about Space are excellent. You can amaze your family with your knowledge once you've read them! Write down anything else you want to know about Space and then see if you can find the answers.


When we put the letter 'w' before vowels (a, e, i, o, u) it can change the sound the vowel makes. In these cases, it changes the the 'a' sound (as in cat) to an 'o' sound (as in mop). 


Imagine going into Space! What would you take with you? Who would go with you? What would you do when you got there? Write a short story about your trip to Space.


For the game, click on the image with the scissors to start. If you find Level 1 to easy, do Level 2. You will need to remember that .5 is a half centimetre and comes in between the whole numbers.


What are Day and Night?

These videos about day and night (bbcbitesize) are really good and explain the concepts well. The quiz is fun too!

Remember, when you are creating your poster about day and night, make sure it is eye-catching.