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Making Memories



Use this online resource, to make a pattern and then reflect it. Just click on the image to have a go.



Try this activity that allows reflecting, translating and rotating practice.



Create your own 'sporting' word search. This could include the names of athletes, sports or sporting equipment. Post it on the LGJS website and let others have a go. 


Try this activity. It will help you with sport names for your word search.


Try these and then make your own.

Listen and read along:


Read and listen to the poem a couple of times. Then click on this picture to take the KAHOOT quiz.  Can you get 10 out of 10?




Beat It!-Begin by measuring your resting heart rate by counting how many beats in a minute. Then carry out an exercise e.g. running, skipping, star jumps etc. for 3 minutes. Once you have completed this, you are to carry out a recovery activity e.g. walking or sitting and see how long it takes for your heart rate to go back to normal. Repeat this with different recovery exercises to see which is the most effective at getting your heart rate back to normal the quickest. Can you create a way of showing your results?


Watch this short video to help you



You could use your ICT skills to present your results but using a chart on Numbers.