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Making Memories



Have you ever had to find your way using a map?  Do you recognise this?


It's a compass and tells us direction. You can use this to find your way.  Watch this video and try the short the activities.  



Can you work out how many degrees you turn to go from South to North ?  North to East? 


North to South is 180 degrees and North to East is a turn of 90 degrees. 


Task 1:

Complete this table using the compass.



Task 2 :

Draw a map from your bedroom to the kitchen. Calculate the total degrees of turns involved in the journey. You can repeat this activity for other areas in your home or for your daily walk.




Writing task:

Create an information booklet about two pieces of music you have listened to. Include information about the instruments you have heard within each piece and a brief history on the musicians and the genre of music.


Download the documents below to find out more about the different genres of music. 




Click on the image below to practise spellings words with silent letters on Spelling Frame. Once you have clicked on the link, make sure you click on 'Spelling tiles'.




Click on the google form below and complete a reading activity about a music box.


Kandinsky felt that he could express emotions and music through colours and shapes within his painting.

Here are some examples of his artwork:



Click on the image below to find out more about Kandinsky.




Create a piece of artwork inspired by your favourite piece of music. Listen to the music several times and feel free to draw or paint the emotion you feel at the time.