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Making Memories





Read through the booklet below on Apollo 13 and then answer the following questions:


  1. Look at the timeline on pages 18-19. Explain the importance of one of Apollo 13’s engines shutting down two minutes earlier than expected.
  2. Describe the events that occurred on the night of April 13, 1970 which led to Apollo 13’s astronauts having to move from the command module to the lunar module.
  3. What were the effects of the Apollo 13 mission on future space travel?

Apollo 13



Learn to spell the names of all the planets in our solar system. Put them in alphabetical order and then order of size.


Use the google form and see if you can unjumble the planet names.


Create a travel brochure for a planet of your choice or to promote space tourism in general. Make sure you include information about travel times, accomodation, food and things to do and see. If you have access to a PC, this could be done on Word or Google Docs.


Below is a template you could print off and use.


‘Conquer the Area’.

You will need: square paper or draw a square grid, 2 different colour pencils and 2 dice.

Roll the dice and multiply the two numbers together. Whoever rolled the dice draws this area on the square grid with their pencil.

Fill up the whole page - whoever has taken up the most space wins.

A template sheet you can use is below.

Conquer the area sheet

Watch the video and find out how astronauts exercise in space. Can you design an obstacle course in your garden or home space and put your agility to the test! Can you find your pulse and count your heart rate before and after exercising?

Physical activity in space