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Making Memories





Unscramble these musical terms. Use the clues to help you.

The speed of music = empot = __________________

The tune of a song = demloy = __________________

The beat of a song = epslu = ____________________

Two or more notes heard simultaneously = narhmoy = ______________________

How a song is organised = rrecsttuu = ____________________________


See if you are right using the link below.



Do you have any CDs or records in the house? If so, ask your adult if you can organise them in alphabetical order. If not, here is a list of musicians you can order.

  1. 1. William Hung.
  2. Ludwig Van Beethoven. 
  3. Beethoven 
  4. The Beatles. ...
  5. Taylor Swift. ...
  6. Louis Armstrong. ...
  7. Elvis Presley. ...
  8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. ...
  9. Bob Dylan. ...

    10. Brian Adams.



Watch the Disney retelling of Peter and the Wolf. Can you create story board that retells the story?

Try adding some speech in.

David Bowie Narrates Disney's Peter And The Wolf (Full)

Story board


Write your name in capital letters and see how many angles you can see in each letter. How many right angles? How many acute and obtuse angles? Repeat for other family names.

Or have a go at the worksheet below, finding angles in different 2D shapes.

What angles does each shape have?


You will need a jar/bottle, some water and a pencil. Try tapping the side of an empty container with a pencil. What type of sound does it make?

Partially fill the container with water, tap the container again. Has the sound changed? Try filling the container with different amounts of water.

Can you play a tune? Watch this clip to help you

How to Make Xylophone Using Water - Musical Instruments for Kids

Can you make music with water? Just pour water into jars or glasses. Each bottle has diferent volume of water in it, that is what makes it sound differently....