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Making Memories





What recipe will you choose?

Will it involve chocolate? (Many countries recipes do!)

If you make the delicious recipe, put a picture on the school Twitter site and make us all feel hungry!



Use the words 'where', 'would', 'people', 'clothes' and 'water' to make up sentences. See if you can include at least 2 of the words in the same sentence.

ie: Where is the water?


Challenge: See if you can use all of the words in one sentence.


When you think of your meal, don't forget what drinks you would have, any sauces and what you would use to eat it with!


Make sure you help them see the pattern and talk through what is happening - the Ones number is moving to the tens and zero is used as a place holder.

ie: 9 - 4 = 5

     90 - 40 = 50


Where in the World?

Our parents and grandparents can often come from different countries. In my family, my Grandfather was born in France and my Nan was born in Sweden! I wonder what you will find out about where your family members came from?