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Maths - To compare fractions


Watch these to remind yourself or learn how to compare and order fractions. Then complete the tasks below. After you have finished, check them against the answer sheet (found on the Bitesize link) then let me know how you got on through twitter or Iamlearning messaging.




Maths Games

These games look like fun to practise your comparing fraction skills. Have a go! Click and go!

You may have to enable flash play for some. 



Writing Task:

Write a poem about the rainforest. Create 4 sections about the climate, animals, what you like and the potential dangers. Why not film yourself performing your poem!

Watch this video to help you come up with ideas for your poem.

Rainforests 101 | National Geographic

A shout out to Frankie Greaves for sharing this rainforest poem....

The rain forest
The rain forest was blue and green
A mean green snake was in the lake 
A frog was camoflarged as a lemo.
In the corner of my eye 
I saw a monkey eating a melon 
A lemur jumped over a sloth
 then jumped into the tree
A bunch of bees came rushing out of the leaves
 I love the rain forest.



Click on the image below and listen to the poem 'A blade of grass'.



What message is the poet trying to convey to the reader?




Create your own rainforest themed crossword.

You will need to include a list of clues and an answer sheet.


Once you have finished, click on the picture below and have a go at these online puzzles!






What is deforestation? What effect does this have on our world?

Click on the picture below to watch this timelapse. You will be able to see the visual land changes due to deforestation. 


Create a poster or PowerPoint that will persuade people to be against deforestation. Remember to include lots of information and pictures.


Here are some resources to help you!



Deforestation Animation