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Making Memories

Under the Sea - 01.06.20

Read and listen along book:


Use Cambridge Online Dictionary to find the meaning of these sea-related words:






Can you draw illustrations to represent each of these words too?

Check out these unusual sea creatures:

Choose a writing task from below


Writing task 1:

Choose one sea creature and write a description about it. Think about its appearance, movement and actions. Remember to include ambitious vocabulary.laugh


Writing task 2:

Write an under-the-sea adventure story. You should include dialogue, ambitious vocabulary and a range of openers and conjunctions. yes


Writing task 3:

Choose a sea creature and write an information report about it. Include sub-headings, key information, pictures and interesting facts.smiley


Writing task 4:

Write a poem about the sea and the creatures found in it.cheeky


Watch this short animation film called 'The Lighthouse'.

Write a newspaper report about the event.

What could the headline be?

Lighthouse (Animation)

'Under the Sea' maths

Look at this picture. Can you create a bar chart or pictogram showing the different living things found in the ocean?