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Maths - Addition and Subtraction


Continuing from yesterday, try completing this quiz and submitting it to school and we will feedback to you. 


Addition and subtraction quiz


Try this game (flash drive needed)


Writing task:
Using the words FAMOUS PEOPLE, write an acrostic poem about significant British people in history


Here is an example:

Fans cheer their favourite stars.

And follow their many tweets and posts.

Most are idolised

Others are despised

Usain Bolt is my favourite athlete

Speed was his talent, yet he provided us with more

People watched, cheered and laughed as he;

Entertained the crowds

Others would just run but not Usain

Pupils at school would do the lightning bolt

Laugh at his lasted starting line stunt

Everyone has a favourite, who is yours?


Click on the link below and find out about Neil Armstrong. Read the passage and answer the questions based on the text.


Choose 5 Common Exception words from below.

Write the meaning, synonyms (words with the same/similar meaning) and antonyms (words that have the opposite meaning) for each word.

Use this website to check your answers:



On Sunday 5th April, from Windsor Castle, The Queen spoke to the nation. She had an important speech to deliver where she wanted to thank people for what they were doing and to give hope that things would eventually return to normal. 


Watch the video and complete the activity below.

'We will meet again' - The Queen's Coronavirus broadcast | BBC

Subscribe and 🔔 to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube 👉 Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer 👉 Her Majesty Que...

Now imagine you had to address the nation, your friends and your family. What would you say? What message of hope would you give?


Write a speech and record yourself saying it. Ask your parent/guardian to upload it to twitter and tag @LyndonGreenJnr