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Making Memories





Practise spelling words than end with the -tion ending.


Words like: information, adoration and sensation.


Use the sheet below to practise then have a go at the google quiz using the form below to practise the meaning of the -tion words you have been learning.



Use the website


Choose a famous person and read up about them. Either write down 5 facts you've learnt about them or create a fact file about your chosen person.


I'd recommend Harriet Tubman or Marie Curie.



Imagine you are a famous person. What would you be famous for? Write a diary about a day in your life.


 - What are you famous for?

 - What do you get up to?

 - What is a typical day like?


If I was famous I would love to be a singer. Here's my example of a diary entry.


Wow! What a day! I have just come off stage at the Genting Arena where I have perfomed to 10,000 of my fans. The feeling of them all screaming my name and singing along to my songs has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.

For as long as I can remember all I wanted to do was sing. I joined the school choir in primary school and when I got secondary I was always volunteering to be in the shows and productions. I was spotted by a talent agent and then I got my big break.

My first single went straight to number one and life has been non-stop since then. All my fans are amazing and tonight was one of the best concerts of my life.

Can't wait for tomorrow night!



Have a go at these online addition and subtraction games. Beat your score and your time! (Work on both laptop and tablet)



Today I would like you think about our amazing NHS and the role it has in all our lives. I would like you to create a piece of artwork to represent the NHS.


Use the resources below to design a collectable stamp representing a famous medic from the past.

It could be Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole or Aneurin Bevan (founder of the NHS). Or maybe someone in your family works for the NHS and you would like to pay tribute to them.


Below there are examples of famous stamp designs from over the years, a link to a video about creating a stamp and some information about famous medics from the past.

UK stamp designs