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Making Memories




Watch either of the videos - both are great. My personal favourite is 'Rumble in the jungle', but i like 'Slowly, slowly, slowly said the sloth' too! I wonder which one you like best?


Remember, verbs are doing / action words (ie: swinging, jumping). I've attached a sheet to help you list the verbs for the different rain forest animals.


If you type in 'Spider monkey (or Tree frogs) for kids you will find some great videos. Watch the video about either the spider monkey or the tree frog. They will give you ideas for your fact file.

If you set out your fact file under the different headings, it will help. I've done an example below.

Tree Frog (Title)

Appearance (What it looks like)

Habitat (Where they live and the plants you will find there)

Diet (What they eat)

Cool facts (Anything else you find interesting)


Click onto the link on the Learning Projects page for Tuesdays Maths. These games are great fun!


Sketch a spider monkey or tree frog

It's time for Art (my favourite!!)

You can use any Art materials you want (pencils, crayons, felt pens, paint, collage) - it doesn't have to be just pencils.

Be creative and have some fun!