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Making Memories






Practise spelling words that have the 'u' sound spelt 'ou'

Words like:


tough, trouble, double, trouble, country.


Use the website below to practise your spelling with a game.(laptop and tablet compatible)






Tale a look at the website below to read up on facts about the rainforest.

Create a rainforest quiz for your family.


Complete the vocabulary task based on The Alchemist's Letter


Use the website below to practise finding equivalent fractions using models. (laptop and tablet compatible)



The rainforest is full of fantastic, unusual and interesting animals. Use the websites and resources below to find out all about them.


You could:

 - write a non-chronological report about your favourite rainforest animal

 - create a poster about them and how they are adapted to a rainforest environment

 - design your own animal and how its adapted to the rainforest


Include in your work information such as:

 - what do they look like?

 - what is their diet like?

 - how do they hunt for prey or hide from predators?

 - what different types of that animal are there?

 - any interesting facts?

Rainforest animals power point

A writing frame to help you with your report

A selection of rainforest animal colouring sheets

Design a rainforest animal