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Making Memories





The story of 'Look up' is great. I am definitely more like the girl in the story - I love to look up at the night sky!

The drawing session is fab too. The illustrator really helps you draw the cat well. Even I could do it!


Using the words 'there', 'move', 'climb', 'fast' and 'behind', write sentences about a rocket zooming into space. 

Remember, you can use more than one of these words in a sentence.


Create an advert for your own rocket launch. Remember, adverts are used to try and persuade someone to buy something (in this case, the rocket you designed yesterday).

The attached sheet will help you with this.


When you order your family from tallest to shortest, think about what they are wearing on their feet. Will this make a difference? Why?


Astronaut Aerobics


Design a Keep Fit circuit in your home and garden (Astronauts need to be very fit!). Mr Garcia's video gives you a good idea but I am sure you will think of lots of interesting ways to keep fit. If you can, post a video of yourself exercising on the school Twitter site.