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Making Memories



Can you change (convert) a decimal to a fraction? Have a look at BBC bitesize . Watch the video for a reminder then have a quick read and then have a go at the sheets attached. No need to print it out, just jot your answers down. You can have look at the answers when you have finished (unit 3, week 2 lesson 1). Don't take a peek! 


If you want to use Iamlearning (frog play) to practise your skills, log in and search for Decimals and Fractions  and you will find three levels to try.



Writing task:

Watch the video link below. After watching the video, write a diary entry in the day in the life of Toki. What is the message of the story and how did he feel throughout the clip? What emotive language could you use?

Ride Of Passage


Click on the document below and complete the tasks relating to words ending in -ant, ance, ancy, ent, ence or ency.



Click on the image below to read Chayo's story. Once you have read it, come back to this page and click on the Kahoot to answer some retrieval questions.



Art Time!!

Watch this video on how to draw a Toucan! It is easy to follow andjust pause when needed! Remember to use hatching, cross-hatching and careful colour choices to create tone and shade.

How To Draw A Realistic Toucan

Fancy drawing a Toucan using different materials?

Why not give tin foil art a try! Here is one I made earlier. Once you have finished your masterpiece, please upload it to Twitter so that we can see it! Make sure you tag us @LyndonGreenJnr