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Making Memories



What are tessellations? Click below to find out.


These are tessellations found in nature.


These are man-made tessellations.


These are pieces of art made using tessellation.


Your turn. Use this Tessellation game. Please read the instructions before having a go as they help a lot.


This video is excellent for those that want to take it further and produce their own tessellations. We look forward to seeing some of your creations.






Writing task:

Pretend you have woken up to find an alien at the end of your bed. Write a detailed description of the alien thinking about size, appearance and the sounds it makes. Draw it too!




Download the comprehension task below, read the information and answer the questions.


Organise these synonyms from slowest to fastest: quickly, speedily, swiftly, hurriedly & in a flash. Which best describes a rocket launching into space?


Research space exploration history and create a timeline of how and when people have travelled into space. When was the first rocket launched? When did the first man travel to space? How about the first woman? What other significant events can you add to your timeline?


Download the resource below to find out some of the historical moments in space exploration.