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Today's task is still on angles and finding missing angles. Can you remember how many degrees in a triangle? That's all the internal angles added up. 


Try this quiz below but before you give it a go, why not refresh your memory or learn a new method by watching and trying the activities in the videos below. Pick one, click on it  and off you go! Good luck!






Now try the quiz! Click on it! Remember the facts about angles in a triangle. Which angles are the same? What do the marks on the sides of a triangle mean? Good luck and let us know how you got on by messaging Mrs Jones on Iamlearning.


Writing task:​​​​​​

Click on the image below to listen to A Night on Bare Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky and read about the inspiration behind it.



Create a story with the same title that could be told along with the music. What will you change? What will you keep the same?


The word rhythm has a silent letter - what other words can you spell which also have silent letters?


Find the lyrics to your favourite song and then create some new verses. Perform the new verses to the family or make a video for our school twitter page. Our favourite song is Roar by Katie Perry, which you could use if you can’t think of one of your own.


The Rio carnival is a spectacle of samba, costumes and dance and takes place every year. Here are some of the pictures from this year’s parade.



Challenge yourself to research the samba inspired costumes and headdresses worn during the parades. Then after your research, design, label and make your own mask or headdress taking inspiration from the research completed. 


Here are some examples of a mask design: