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Making Memories





If the link on the sheet doesn't work below is a book all about space. Read it and think about the questions below:


  1. Stars are very big. Why do they look like to us?
  2. Look at the picture of the sun of page 11. How does the art compare the size of the sun to the earth?
  3. Read Neil Armstrong’s quote on page 29. Think about what Armstrong meant by ‘mankind’. Put the quote into your own words.

Space by Marta E H Rustad



Practise spelling these words:

division, invasion, confusion, decision, collision, television.


Have a go at the co-ordinates game to practise.



Watch the video and then write a diary entry about what it would be like to spend a day on the space station.


Use the google form below to write your diary entry and get some feedback.

Karen Nyberg Shows How You Wash Hair in Space

There are many challenges associated with living on the International Space Station. Things that are easy to do on Earth where there is gravity can be diffic...


Using the sheet from yesterday,design 3 more zones of your choice but there must be a difference of at least 2cm between each of the areas.


I'd love to see your designs on our twitter pages.


Can you design a new spacesuit suitable for an astronaut? You will need to consider which materials would be most suitable, comfort for the astronauts and the temperature in space. E Design a logo for the spacesuit too. Perhaps you could make this using materials from around the home?

There is a sheet below which you can use to help you.

Design a space suit