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Making Memories





Practise spelling these words ending -sure that make 'zh' sound. Words like:







Look through the power point and then have a go at the word search.



Power point on -sure words



Find the lyrics to your favourite song and highlight some creative words used, finding out the meaning of new words using the online dictionary.


A good song is ‘Steal my Girl’ by One Direction or a personal favourite Dolly Parton '9 to 5'. (Mrs W)



Listen to this piece of music called Peter and the Wolf written by Prokofiev. What describing words come to mind whilst you listen?

Draw a picture of what you think the song represents.

Use the google form underneath the video to tell me how the music made you feel.

Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf - Music for Kids

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Time to become a shape scavenger! How many examples of different 2D and 3D shapes can you find around the home/garden? Can you create a tally and sort the shapes you find based on their properties? e.g. number of sides/edges, number of pairs of parallel lines.


Try creating your own music instrument. You could make your own pan flute using straws, a cereal box guitar, or some tin can drum (remember to ask before using any materials). Plan your design first, source materials from around the house, write the steps to make the product and then evaluate it afterwards.


Use the link underneath to find out how to make a rain stick which can be used for percussion.