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Making Memories


More practising with factors today. Do you have a pack of cards? If so get them ready for a game. If not,try this website for an online pack of cards.


Then follow the instructions for a game to be played with a partner or on your own.


Play 'Multiplication War' with someone in your house using a deck of cards. Flip two cards over and multiply. Whoever has the highest product keeps the cards. 


If you are working independently, deal out all cards into pairs, face down and then set a timer. Turn over the first pair of cards and start the timer. See how long it takes for you to find the product (multiplication answer) for all 26 pairs. Can you improve if you do it again? Let Mrs Jones know how you get on by messaging on Iamlearning.


There are lots of maths games you can play with a pack of cards. Try some of these:



Writing task:

Pick a city of your choice and create a travel leaflet all about it. Make sure that you include information on the weather and climate, travel time, key tourist spots, accommodation and the local cuisine.





Click on the book below and choose a book that is in your age range. Then design some artwork about the feelings you have after reading it.



For each of the following words, write their synonyms (a word with the same/similar meaning), antonyms (a word that has the opposite meaning), and a dictionary definition.

Use this website to help you:



BONUS: Write three sentences using these words to show that you have understood their meaning.


Children all around the world eat a variety of food and many of the foods we eat today are inspired by other countries. Research and make a dish from another country that you have not tried before. You could find a recipe, source the ingredients via an online shop, and follow the recipe to create a dish for the whole family. Remember to ask for permission before doing this.


Click on the image below and check out some amazing recipes.




BONUS:  Match the food to the country that it comes from.