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The BBCBitesize clip gives you lots of information about Queen Elizabeth I. The quiz is fun too! If you want to do a fact file about her, the websites are good too.


A super activity. Have a go at spelling these words first (will you get them all correct?!) and then use them to write your own sentences.


I would love to receive a letter or postcard from you (I'll be able to read it if you post a photo on the school Twitter site!). Looking forward to hearing your news.


Practise your number bonds to 10 or 20 for addition and subtraction. I've started the pattern for you below.

                               Inverse                                                                Inverse

0+10=10      10-10=0                    0+20=20      20-20=0

1+9=10        10-9=1                      1+19=20      20-19=1

2+8=10        10-8=2                      2+18=20      20-18=2



The Queen - Then and Now

You will be using the same BBCBitesize clip as you did in Reading about Elizabeth I. Think about what she looked like, wore and did. I've also attached 2 videos below about Queen Elizabeth II so you can find out more about her too.

12 Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

We would like to share with you 12 interesting facts about The Queen Elizabeth II. Did you know any of these facts? Let us know in the comments below. Hope y...

QUEEN ELIZABETH II - A Kid Explains History, Episode 5

The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Nations have had the same Queen for well over half a century. Mister Q will tell you how her reign began!