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Making Memories




The Question is the answer! 


If you have a dice, roll it six times and write the numbers down. If you don't have one just make up a 6 digit number e.g. 345231. This number is the answer to a subtraction or addition sum. All you have to do is make up the question that gives this answer. Easy ? Try it. Write 2 addition and 2 subtraction calculations.


For example:

466455 - 121224 = 345231


  • Make this easier by reducing the number of digits in the target number. 
  • Make it more challenging by including a decimal point.


Send some examples to Mrs Jones using Iamlearning.

Writing task:

Create a fact file about a significant/famous person of interest.

You may choose:

  • famous author
  • athlete
  • popstar
  • local hero such as a doctor, nurse or teacher.


  • birthplace
  • what they’re most famous for
  • significant events/achievements
  • any other interesting facts.

Here are some templates that you can use to present your information.


Click on the image below and choose a person, who interests you, from the list. 

Record 10 facts that you have discovered about them.




Click on the image below and then click on 'Spelling Tiles'. These activities focus on words ending in: -able, -ible, -ably and –ibly



Discuss with someone in your house, a person who is significant to you all. This could be a famous person who has inspired you all or someone who has made a positive impact on your everyday life. Discuss the attributes that this person has - why are they inspiring?


Draw a picture of the person who is significant to you and write a few sentences underneath it explaining why this person is inspiring.


Please ask a parent or guardian to take a photograph of your work, post it to twitter and tag us @LyndonGreenJnr.