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Making Memories





Use the word search below to practise your common words or use the word list and create your own word search with the downloadable sheet.




Read up on Escape Artists with the book below. Write a short piece about which one was your favourite and why or have a debate with someone else.



All famous people should earn £1,000,000 per year.


Do you agree? Why/why not? You may have reasons for and against this statement.


Write down your reasons or have a discussion with someone about your views.


Use the link below to type your answer and get some feedback.





Are these number sentence true or false?


597 + 7 = 614

804 - 70 = 744

768 + 140 = 908

907 - 669 = 238

872 - 109 = 108


Click on the google form below and tick true or false to see if your answer is right or wrong.


Do you agree with Mo?



Today think about your family. Has someone famous inspired you or a family member in their life choices or jobs they do?


Create a family tree that shows inspirations and choices.


Use the power point that shows what a family tree is and attached is a worksheet you can use or create your own design.


Family tree worksheet