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Choose 5 common exception words that you don't know how to spell from the picture below.

You could:

 - write them in bubble writing

 - use a different colour for each letter

 - if it's a nice day write them in water outside with a paint brush





Look at the food labels of items in your kitchen.

Can you identify where the foods come from?

Which ones come from the rainforest?

Do any have the label below on?


Non-Fiction Writing Ideas - based on The Alchemist's Letter


Choose one (or more) from the following:

 - Explain or write instructions to describe how the machine works.
 - Write a letter from Nicholas to his son or his wife, explaining what he has done and why.  It may start with justification as to why he has done it but finish with his regret. 
 - Write a persuasive letter to Nicholas detailing why family is more important than money.


Colour in the correct fraction on each diagram



Rainforests are in trouble!


It is estimated that within 100 years there will be no rainforests.

One and a half acres of rainforest is cut down every second - that's approximately the size of a football field!


So . . . what can we do?


Check out the resources below.


Create a poster, advert or short video on how we can play our part in saving the rainforest.

Have a go at the comprehension activity about palm oil.

Iceland's Banned TV Christmas Advert - Say hello to Rang tan #NoPalmOilChristmas

This Christmas TV advert by Iceland and Greenpeace was banned as it was too political. It shows the destruction of the rainforest to make palm oil. Do you think it should have been banned?

NEW! How could you help the planet? | Learn about deforestation with Superzoo team

Today in Kit's learning corner we will learn what deforestation is! Do you know the great importance that trees have for our planet? They are the shield that...