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Making Memories



Sometimes, on maps, you see coordinates. These are two numbers in brackets that help pin point a place on the map e.g. (2,3). They are often seen when used in treasure maps. 



Draw an imaginary planet. You can add volcanoes, deserts, lakes in fact anything you can imagine. If you are a Star Wars fan, why not base it on Tatooine or Hoth. Then, add a coordinate grid over the top. After that, hide gem stones or important items on the map and plot a journey to find them using coordinates. Give the coordinates to someone else and see if they can find the important items.


This video will give you ideas for drawing a map.


A song to jog your memory about coordinates.




Writing task:

Create a travel brochure for a newly discovered planet. Consider travel time, location, accommodation and things to do and see.


Click on the image below to read and listen to the poem Cosmic Disco. What do you think is the main idea in the poem?


Identify any space related words from the poem Cosmic Disco. Draw illustrations to represent these words.




Listen to Holst’s 'The Planets' by clicking the image below. Select a planet and decide what you think the planet would be like. Create a dance/ set of movements to go with the music which will show this. Take a video of your dance and ask a parent or guardian to share it with us on Twitter.