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Making Memories



Have you ever used a protractor?  What is it for? You don't need one for these activities.


We use them to measure angles. They can be tricky to use so watch these videos so that you are accurate when measuring. 




Task 1:

Have a go at using a protractor using this game. How accurate can you be?



Task 2: 

Can you answer this question? Send your answers to Mrs Jones on Iamlearning or twitter.




Writing task:

Change the lyrics of your favourite song into a short story. Here is an example of the song Roar as a story:


There was a young girl in the jungle who always used to bite her tongue and hold her breath. She was just too scared to rock the boat and make a mess. Instead of speaking out, she sat quietly, agreed politely and over time she forgot that she had a choice.

Then one day, while sat by the river, she realised that she no longer stood for anything and was being held down. Now was the time to get up and brush off the dust. She wanted everyone to hear her voice and hear that sound. Finally, she spoke and it was like thunder and it made the ground shake. At last, she was free and she felt like she could do anything. She had the eye of the tiger, she felt like a fighter, she wanted to dance through the fire because she knew that she was a champion and from now on you were all going to hear her roar.


Using the letters C A R N I V A L, list associated adjectives or verbs that correspond with each letter.


e.g. C = adjective – Clean

                   Verb – Cleaning 



Click on the image below to listen to the poem Cat Rap. Once you have listened, read along to the poem and write your own version, using a different noisy animal.



Create your own musical instrument. This could be a cereal box guitar, drums or shakers. You may even want to make a range of instruments to create a family band. Decorate your instruments to make them appealing and remember to ask permission before starting.


Here are some DIY instruments to inspire you: