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Making Memories




Practise your -sure spelling words from Tuesday. Get someone at home to test you. Can you get 10 out of 10.


Visit the audible website using the link below and listen to one of the books. Or visit read on and type music into the search box. I suggest the Bremen Town Musicians.


Use the google form below to write a review of the book you listened to or the books you read.





Look at the information on different musical instruments. Choose an instrument family and create a fact file.



 - instruments in that family

 - any famous musicians who play them

 - country of origin

 - labelled diagrams

Musical Families


Last week you wrote a times table song. Rehearse your song from last week but this time incorporate a beat using the musical instrument you made yesterday.

Tweet us your video!

Ask each family member what their favourite song is. Play the song aloud and listen together. Spend some time as a family discussing what genre of music the songs belong to and how each piece of music makes you feel. Which genres of music were the most popular? Can you represent your results in a bar chart? Ask family members to rank their favourite genres of music first.