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I have attached a map of the UK to remind you of the 4 counties that make it up. You might want to compare it with a country we have already looked at, like Greece, or you might want to research a new one. The choice is yours!


I have attached a sheet which might help with how you set out your work. If you are struggling for places, use the back of an atlas to help you - it lists countries alphabetically!

Remember, places/countries start with capital letters.


For this activity, a different part of the world does not have to be a different country! If you don't fancy describing school, you can describe your home. include lots of information to give us an idea of where you live and what it is like.


Remember when you looked at flags on Monday? (Topic) That will really help with this activity. how many different 2D shapes will you find?

I have attached a video to help you remember the names of the common 2D shapes. Enjoy!

2D Shapes Are Everywhere | Shape Song for Kids | Learn Shapes | Jack Hartmann


Dance Around the World - Getting active, having fun!

All these dances are great. I look forward to seeing videos of you doing one of these dances!