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Activity 1: What measurements can you find out about the Amazon Rainforest? Can you find the distance from Birmingham Airport to the Amazon Rainforest using Google maps or something similar? What is the area of the Amazon Rainforest? What is the perimeter of the Amazon Rainforest ? 


These videos will remind you what perimeter and area are.



For those who like a song, watch these :



Can you convert the Amazon measurements from km to m or even centimetres? Have a look at the video below to find out how to do it. Remember you can pause the videos if you need a break or to slow down.



Extend your learning - Do you know how to convert to imperial measurements such as feet and miles?


Writing Task:

Look at the pictures below. Two of the images show the rainforest's beauty. The other two show what deforestation looks like.





Create two mind maps, one labelled deforestation and the other beauty. Write some adjectives, similes and metaphors that describe the images.




Now, use the words you have come up with to create two contrasting (opposite) descriptions of the rainforest. One illustrating the rainforest’s beauty and the other describing the effects of deforestation.


For this reading task, you must click on the document below and print it off. If you do not have a printer, then read the sections and write your answers on a separate piece of paper.




Create a rainforest glossary using these words:

  • canopy
  • monsoon
  • colony
  • extinct
  • deforestation
  • temperate
  • decay
  • vines
  • undergrowth
  • species


BONUS: add some other words that aren't on this list!


Try and increase your heart rate by challenging yourself and members of the family to mimic the actions of animals which inhabit rainforests. Actions could include: jumping over logs, ducking under branches, high knees through quicksand, running from a tiger etc.

As a challenge, record your heart rate (beats per minute) after each activity. Which activity increased your heart rate most?



Watch this dance routine and follow along! It will definitely make you ROAR!!!!!!!