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Making Memories

Scream Machine

Why not have a go at making your own marble roller coaster?  Have a look at this website for ideas and instructions.    Thank you to Jessica for this suggestion.



Check out this reading comprehension activity all about the History of rollercoasters! 


Find and locate rollercoasters around the world! Once you have researched the name of the rollercoaster and where it is, plot it onto a map! Don't forget to write a key.


Take a photograph with your head upside down and screaming like you are on a rollercoaster. Then use your sketching skills to draw it! Remember to use hatching to create tone and shade, and think about correct use of scale.


Here is a PowerPoint to help remind you on how to use scale when drawing a face. 



Investigate what would make a good parachute. Remember you can only change one variable in an experiment. So what will it be? Material? Size? shape? It is up to you!