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Rights Respecting School Award



We have been awarded the Silver Rights Respecting School Award. Here you can find out more about what this award means for our children and read about our journey to silver which started in October 2018.

October 2018 - We are Rights Committed!



We have achieved our bronze award for the Unicef Rights Respecting School award. This means that we have shown a commitment to learning about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and encouraging an atmosphere of equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation.


Watch this space for more information on how we are working towards the silver award and what our Rights Respecting Team are up to.


Our children found out about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and we talked about Article 31 - The Right to Play. 



November 2018: Staff at Lyndon Green Juniors have been learning about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


The CRC consists of 54 articles and outlines the fundamental, inalienable rights of every child. The key provisions are: the right to a childhood (including protection from harm), the right to be educated (including all girls and boys completing primary school), the right to be healthy (including having clean water, nutritious food and medical care), the right to be treated fairly (which includes changing laws and practices that discriminate against children) and the right to be heard (which includes considering children's views). Teaching children and young people about the CRC means that they can find out about the legal and human rights and responsibilities that underpin society.


In our staff meeting we looked at a summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. You can find out more on the Unicef website on the link below:


April 2019 - Rights Respecting School Team take part in the Great British Clean Up!


Article 24 states that all children have the right to a clean and safe environment so our Rights Respecting Team spent Friday morning at Oaklands park with the MP for Yardley, Jess Phillips. They did a great job helping to pick up rubbish and dispose of it carefully making a nicer environment for everyone in the local area. Well done team!


April 2019 - Rights team working hard to display the right posters around school


Today the team worked hard to decide where around school we should display our rights posters. This means that all of our pupils can read these as they move around the building and learn about their rights.

April 2019 - Back to School!

Parents will receive this newsletter telling them all about the Rights Respecting School Award. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on how your child will be involved in this exciting initiative.




This morning we had an assembly where we heard about the rights and talked about some of the activities that we would be doing in school. Some of the rights are now displayed around school and the children have been asked to look out for them. The Rights Respecting Reps suggested where they should be displayed and why.


In assembly, we also heard about some exciting new playground equipment that will be available at lunchtimes. The children themselves suggested what equipment they would like to see outside - this links with Article 12 - You have the right to give your opinion. We talked about the importance of looking after the equipment and using it sensibly so as not to stop others accessing their right to play (Article 31).

May 2019 - We are learning about rights!


Year three children have been spotting rights in action and matching them with the Articles.

May 2019 - We are focusing on Article 19 which says that all children have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated.


We started the week with an assembly thinking about what this Article means and the responsibility that adults have to keep children safe.



We also talked about what might make us feel unsafe and what the children should do if they don't feel safe or have a worry.



The children will be asked to complete a questionnaire to let us know how safe they feel. They have also been asked to take part in a competition to design a poster. The winning posters will be displayed around school and will remind the children of all the adults that they can talk to.



June 19 - We are focusing on Article 28 - Every child has the right to an education.


​​​​​​​We started the week with an assembly where we talked about why some children may not go to school every day. We then talked about the ways that Unicef help these children and what we could do to help them - one of the things that we can do is hold a ShoeShare.


We will be holding our ShoeShare from Monday 10th June to Friday 14th June. Children (and adults!) will be able to bring in re-usable pairs of shoes which can be used to raise money to help children who are not lucky enough to attend school every day.

A letter will be going out this week and our Rights Respecting Reps will be on hand to help.


June 2019 - Rights Respecting Reps Meeting

The Reps had an important job to do today, they were choosing the winners of our poster competition. The winning posters will be displayed around school to remind children about their right to be kept safe (Article 19). They will also tell the children about all the adults in school that they can share their worries with.

The Reps chose these two fantastic winners which will be copied and displayed. Well done to everyone who created an entry, there were lots of super ones.




The Reps also talked about organising our ShoeShare which is happening next week. They are now able to advise children on where to put their shoes and what will happen to them. They also took away poster for every teacher to display in their classroom showing all the rights in child-friendly language.



June 2019 - ShoeShare has been a great success!


To help our children learn about Article 28 (All children have the right to a quality education), we have been carrying out a ShoeShare all of this week. The money that Unicef raise from these shoes will help less fortunate children across the world to attend school. The response from parents has been fantastic and all of these boxes and bags are packed with shoes along with at least another ten huge bags!


Our Reps have been working hard this afternoon to sort the shoes and package them up ready to go to Clark's shoe shop.




June 2019

Well done to these Rights Respecting Reps who helped to deliver the ShoeShare shoes to Clarks shoe shop - the staff couldn't believe how many shoes our families had donated!

June 2019



Using the rights to talk through problems and solve conflict.

Tim, our learning mentor, has displayed some of the rights that can be really helpful to refer to when we are supporting children; this might be related to friendship issues, events at home or any other problems. Knowledge of their rights and the rights of others can be a useful tool to help children come to a solution.

June 2019

Learning about Article 2 - All children have rights

Miss Mabb's assembly was all about Article 2 which says that all children have rights, no matter who they are. No child should be treated unfairly on any basis.


The children learned about discrimination and watched a clip about Rosa Parks who is famous for challenging unfair treatment.

We also heard about the Equality Act and how we learn about this through our No Outsiders scheme.


June 2019

Rights in Action!

The children can now spot 'Rights in Action' photographs on display all around school. They show examples of children enjoying their rights in their normal school life.



June 2019

Rights Links

Around school the children can now look out for 'Rights Link' signs. These help to show how different elements of school life are in place to help them access their rights.





July 2019

Learning about Article 24 - and some exciting whole school events to help us.

We are focusing on Article 24 which states that all children have the right to the best healthcare possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment and information to help them stay well.

We talked about how school helps to keep them healthy by providing healthy meals, water bottles, equipment outside and fun P.E. lessons. These photographs were taken around school showing children enjoying this right:

The children then heard about two exciting whole-school events that would be happening to help us recognise Article 24 - Sports Day and a visit from a famous athlete, James Dasaolu, who will be working with the children to keep them fit and active.

The children were also told to look out for our 'Rights in Action' photographs which are now around school:

Finally, the children learned about Guatemala, where many children struggle to access the right to be healthy and where Unicef are working hard to provide nutritious food and healthcare for them. How lucky most of us are to have access to clean water, healthy food and fun activities.


Friday 5th July 2019

Rights Awareness Day


On the 5th of July we held a Rights Awareness Day for the whole school. We started the day with an assembly where the children watched a video about the Convention on the Rights of the Child and how it impacts children across the world. We also talked about how our actions impact the rights of others.

Everyone then went back to class and carried out tasks that would enable them to learn more about rights and why they are so important. Each class chose the five rights that they felt were most important in their class. These will be displayed as a class charter.






After lunch, each year group focused on one of the Articles in the Convention and presented their learning to the whole school to close the day.





These pictures were all taken from our school Twitter page where you can find out more about our Rights Respecting journey.


The children have really enjoyed learning more about their rights and are now even more rights aware!

July 19 - Linking our school rules with the rights


Now that the children have chosen the important rights to them in their classroom, we have now linked the rights that match with our school rules - Respect Ourselves, Respect each Other, Respect the School. This will help our children understand why we have the rules that we do and why they are so important for them. We have displayed these in the school hall.





July 2019 - We are awarded silver - Lyndon Green Junior School is Rights Aware!yes


On July 12th, we welcomed two visitors who spent the day with us talking to children, staff, parents and governors across the school to find out about all of the work that we do to learn about our rights and the rights of others. We were excited to discover that as a result of this visit, we have been awarded the silver award meaning we are a Rights Aware School!


Autumn Term 2019

This term we have continued to learn about our rights through assemblies and our curriculum. The build up to Christmas gave us great opportunities to think carefully about certain Articles.

Firstly, Article 2 - All children have these rights.

In November, to help us think about the fact that many children do not access their rights, we talked about this on 'Children in Need' day. We also asked children to bring in any small change that they may have at home to see how many Pudseys we could cover with our donations.

Next, on December 18th, we held Christmas Jumper Day. This is a nationwide event to help raise money for Save the Children - a charity who work hard to ensure that children across the world are safe, healthy and learning. This helped us to remember that whilst all children should access their rights, unfortunately many still need help to do so.


Another event which encouraged us to think of others in the run up to Christmas was our 'reverse advent challenge'. This was a three week event where our school asked for different, voluntary donations each week which we would then deliver to a local foodbank.


A special assembly was held to introduce this to the children where we thought carefully about Article 27 - All children have the right to food, clothing and to have their basic needs met. We discussed why families in our local area may be finding this hard and explained how foodbanks can help people in need. We received boxes and boxes of generous donations from our school community.


Our Rights Reps worked hard to deliver all that had been donated to the local church so that any families in need can be helped over Christmas.


Many thanks to the our school community for their generosity during our charity events this term.