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Making Memories

Under the Sea

READING: The Mermaid's Lament

BEFORE READING: What is a lament? Look up the word in the Cambridge Learners Dictionary.


READING: Read and listen to the poem:



WRITING: The Lighthouse

BEFORE WATCHING: What do you know about lighthouses? Read about them here.

WATCH: The Lighthouse

DO: Comment on what happened in each part of the story.

Write a story about a lighthouse and post it to Twitter, in an I am Learning message or email. We will post them here for everyone to see.

MATHS: Converting Units of Time

WATCH the video about how to convert units of time...

DO the quiz (EASIER)


DO the quiz: Harder



Try these amazing art ideas.

Draw a jellyfish:

Draw a shark:

Draw a dolphin:

Send a photo of your drawings by email or on Twitter and we will post them on the website.