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Making Memories



Watch this video to understand reflection, translation and rotation. See how you can move shapes. Click on the picture to watch it.




Read the sports pages of a newspaper or an online newspaper (click on First News picture below) and think about what type of language is used e.g. formal or informal. Can you add interesting language to a sports’ word list or word bank?



First News 5th-11th June


List sport related noun phrases and verbs that correspond with each letter of the alphabet?

Example:  A= active,  B= bounce,  C= cardio


Sporting Heroes- Select your favourite sporting star. Then draw a portrait of them in the style of the famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein using felt tip pens or paint. Share your creation on our school’s twitter page.  Watch the two videos to help with the drawing and colouring in.


Drawing pop art portraits:

Colouring in pop art portraits: