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Find out what the 7 continents of the world are and learn how to spell them.

Write them in different ways using different mediums.


You could write them in paint, spell them with sticks or type them on the computer.




Choose from a selection of books using the links below. Either learn about the ABC's of a country or simply find out about a country from around the world.


Write down 5 key facts that you have learned that you didn't know before.


ABCs of different countries


Country facts



Watch the video and choose one of the activities below to complete based on what you watched.

The Black Hat

Children's animation book written by Maia Walczak, Music by Amy Hiller, Narration by Natalie Blass

Finding a magical creature

Animals imagining freedom

Writing persuasively


This week we are going to work on our times tables. So don't forget to get on times tables rockstars too!


Look around your house for different kinds of arrays. An array is a rectangular shape made up of columns and rows. They can show different multiplications.


For example this picture below shows 2 rows and 6 columns. We multiply 6 x 2 and get 12. 


I can write all the fact families associated with the numbers 6, 2 and 12.


6 x 2 = 12

2 x 6  = 12 

12 ÷ 2 = 6

12 ÷ 6 = 2.


What arrays can you spot around your house? Take pictures and write the fact families that go with each array. Then complete the google form quiz below.


Learn all about the continents of the world. Look through the power point and use google earth to find these places from space.


google earth


Plus the video has a very catchy song to remember the continents.

Choose a country and create a fact file using the template below or create your own.

Seven Continents Song

A song to help kids learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest. Subscribe! ➜ NEW RE...

Country fact file template