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I have attached a picture of Benjamin Zephaniah below. Enjoy listening to the poem by Benjamin Zephaniah. I love that he is reading it himself. If you like it, you can use the link below to listen to one of my favourite Benjamin Zephaniah poems - I love my mother.


Remember when we made up our own words from given sounds? This activity is the same idea. I've attached the sheet we use at school. This might help.


I can't wait to read the questions you would like to ask Benjamin Zephaniah! If you feel really inspired, you can even write your own poem about someone important to you.


We started doing number bonds up to 10 last term (where we were finding all the pairs of numbers that add to 10). See if, using the examples on the Learning project (Wk 11) sheet, see if you can find all the pairs of numbers that make 20. I'll be super-impressed if you can find the subtraction inverses too!


How important is Mary Seacole?

The video link (BBC Bitesize) on the learning Projects (Wk 11) page is really informative and should give you plenty of ideas to create a special award for Mary Seacole. I've attached a map to show where Scotland and Jamaica are.