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What different calculations can you create when adding and subtracting the numbers 111, 8276, 529, 18391, 9238 and 4163?


To refresh your memory, have a look at these videos about the ways of doing addition and subtraction. Some have practise activities to complete. There are also some videos you could show your parent/carer so they know the different methods you can use. Can you complete any mentally by using partitioning? Can you use a number line?


Maths is fun : Addition


Maths is fun : Subtraction


Addition - video links



   Show your parents and carers. This is not our school but its useful for all.


Subtraction - Video links




  To show your parents and carers.


Make sure you check it is correct using the inverse operation. Remember that inverse means the opposite so if you have added check by completing a subtraction sum e.g. 18391 + 111 = ?  so ? - 111 = 18391. 


CHALLENGE: Can you make some decimal numbers and add these to one of the whole numbers.


Writing task:

Your task is to write either a letter or an email to a family member or your teacher, updating them on the events from the last few weeks. To send it to your teacher, make sure you use iamlearning.



Click on the image below and practice your spellings! If you don't know what a word means, write it down and look up the meaning in a dictionary or click this link for an online dictionary (





Go onto First News and access the online learning. If you are not sure how to do this, click on the picture below and watch Miss Mabb's video explaining how to access it. 


Famous Brits:

 Lots of significant people in history have been British. Emmeline Pankhurst, Guy Fawkes and Mary Anning are just a few. Research one of these or another famous Brit of your choice and present it however you wish! You could make a fact file, PowerPoint or a biography.


Here are some useful links to the significant people above.



Emmeline Pankhurst:


Guy Fawkes:


Mary Anning: