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Making Memories





What words would you associate with a famous or significant person.


For example, if I think of Jessica Ennis-Hill I might say:




role model



Who would you think of? Make a list of words and then put them in alphabetical order.



Take a picture of yourself reading an unusual book in an unusual place. For example reading a cookbook in the bath or an exercise book in bed.


See below for an example.


The website link has lots of books about famous and significant people.


Mrs Wyatt's son reads a book on body building in bed!



Watch the short film 'The Clocktower' and then choose one (or all) of the writing activities below based on what you watched.


The Clocktower

Student Thesis by Cara (Antonelli) Khan, (c)2008

Character point of view


Character description



Watch the 2 videos below about column addition and subtraction and then try some of your own. Either use the worksheet or the link to a random dice generator to make your own numbers. (Remember in a subtraction the larger number goes first).

Column addition using place value counters, with and without regrouping

In this video we use place value counters to help children understand column addition with 2 3 digit numbers. We begin by looking at addition without regroup...

Column subtraction of 3 digit numbers using place value counters - with and without exchanging

In this video we use place value counters / discos to help children understand column subtraction. We begin by looking at subtraction without exchanging, the...

Addition and Subtraction column method


Famous Fact Find.


Use the website or select a person from the photo slide show. Find out all about them and then decide how you would like to present the information.


You could:


 - create a slideshow or power point

 - create a poster

 - write an information report

 - create a true or false quiz to play on a games night.


Famous and Significant People