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Making Memories




What is your favourite story? Who is your favourite character? It could be Horrid Henry or Harry Potter or even the tiger from The tiger who came to tea! See if you can design and make a sock puppet of your favourite character. Watch the video for some fun instructions. Don't worry if you haven't got all the equipment - it can often be more fun to do your own thing! I've attached a sheet which you might find useful for planning your sock puppet.


This is a lovely activity. See how much of the alphabet you can find an animal name for. I've attached a sheet you could use to help you organise yourself.


Try keeping a nature diary about everything you can see outside. The video (Monday Writing) about rain forest animals is lovely. It could also help you add some animals onto your alphabet animals list too!

Try watching the rain forest insects video (STEM learning opportunities) too for more animals for your alphabet list.

To help you organise your ideas, I have attached a sheet you might find useful.


Once you have done the Monday practical cutting activity, you might want to have a go at these sheets. 



Fascinating Forest Floor

Have a look at the rain forest floor images below.


Now try and re-create your own forest floor by collecting materials from your garden (or during your daily exercise) and making your own idea of a rain forest floor (preferably outside!). 

I would love to see photos of it on the school twitter site.