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Making Memories




Play ‘Match the Fraction’. Challenge yourself by trying the mixed numbers.





Read one of the free online books Why not read under a tree or somewhere else in the garden for a welcome change? Or make a Den in the house to read in. This could just be under a table or behind a pile of cushions.



Grammar and Spelling

In the garden or during a walk, try and list nature related expanded noun phrases (e.g. the tall conifer by the wall).  Watch these to refresh your memory then write 5 of your own about a plant or animal you might find in a rain forest.








Have a go at the activities below and then watch the short film called The Alchemist Letter . Use or or click on the picture below.


Once you have watched the film try the activities.



The Alchemist activities

Relax and listen:

Listen to the first few minutes of this video. What sounds can you hear? How does it make you feel?

Rainforest sounds

Create your very own rain sounds by making a rain stick!

Click on the picture below to find out how.



Find out where you can find Rainforests in our World. In this activity, you will need to first locate the continents on the map and then locate the Rainforests.


What do you notice about their location on the map?