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Making Memories



Year 5 and 6 have completed work on the Solar System already but this is a chance to look more deeply at it.  Using the NASA web site below, order the planets from smallest to greatest surface area. Be careful to check that the measurements all in the same unit of measurement e.g. kilometres.  


Do you like 'Top Trumps' card games? If you can, print these out and fill in the facts and make your own game. If you can't print, write down any facts on strips of paper and see if you or someone in your household can match them to the planet. 

Writing task:

Create a comic strip retelling Armstrong's mission to the moon. Use the information and links below to help you. Download the comic strip document for a template.


Click on the image below to watch the video:


Read an unusual book in an unusual place e.g. a recipe book in the bath. How many unusual spaces can you find over the week?



Pick 5 Common Exception words from the Year 5/6 spelling list and create a word web by finding 5 other related words.


Word Web example:


Research the Moon and find out how the moon rotates around the Earth, while the Earth rotates around the Sun. You could make a model of the Earth, Moon and Sun to demonstrate their movement (see the document linked at the bottom of the page)