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Making Memories




Can you remember how many degrees are in a full turn or straight line? Try the quiz below but before you do that, refresh your memory and learn some new strategies to find missing angles by watching this Oak Academy lesson.


You can skip parts you feel you don't need but the whole lesson is great practise to get 100% in the final quiz. Don't worry it's called year 6 but year 5 and 6 can do this. Good luck!



If you want to revise all about angles, try this video.



A song for fun!


Now for the quiz! Just click on the picture. 



How about another? Remember that a full turn is 360 degrees.


Writing task:

Watch the video below by clicking on the image. Once you have watched the video, complete the task below.




Have a look at the sky explorer’s log. Write your own version of a sky explorer’s log and explain what happened when you saw something in the sky that you didn’t expect. Perhaps it was a sky elephant or an air orca?

Things to consider:

  • Tell the reader how you felt- what happened to you?
  • Use your senses- say what you saw, smelled, heard.
  • Think about your openers- are they exciting? Could you use a verb or an adverb?
  • Add a question to pose to the reader. It makes them think!
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary and use a thesaurus to help!
  • Use a collective noun (the name of the group) for your group of creatures.



Pick 5 Common Exception words from the Year 5/6 spelling list. Play a song and stop it at different points. When it stops, one spelling should be selected and you must spell it before the music starts again. Play with an adult or older sibling and take it in turns to spell.



During your daily reading, play some classical music, rock music, jazz music or pop music by clicking the links below.  Which genre of music was the best to read with?




Sound Effects- Many audiobooks use sound effects to enhance the retelling of books. Think about a narrative that you are currently reading or have read recently. What sound effects would enhance the retelling of the story?


Source a range of props to help add sound effects and record the retelling of the story with your sound effects. You could then perform this to an adult or sibling.