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What a lot of books there are on this site!Choose one you like the look of and listen to it (read it too if you want!). tell someone at home all about it.

I wonder what country you will choose?


The 'ow' sound (as in cow) can also be spelt 'ou' (as in around). How many 'ow' and 'ou' words can you find?

I've attached a sheet to help you organise your work.


Think of the book you read in the reading activity above. Use that one to create a leaflet about that country.

Don't forget to use sub-headings! (ie; Cuisine (food), Weather)


This subtraction game is fab!

Remember to use your inverses (adding) to help you. 

Good Luck!


Flags - Lovely Art!

If you click on the link on the Learning Project overview you will find all the flags of the world. I have attached a map of the world for you to find the countries.


My favourite flag is the flag of Bhutan because I really like the dragon! Bhutan is a tiny country on the border between Nepal and China.

What flag will you choose? Can you find that country on the map?

I look forward to seeing the Art work of the flag you chose.