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Making Memories





List adjectives and place names that begin with the same letter. E.g. sunny Spain, mysterious Maldives. Can you make a poem using the list?


For example:


All around the world I travel,

From fascinating France,

To sweltering Sir Lanka.

All around the world I travel,

From exquisite England,

To sunny Spain.



Look at the pictures below showing flags from around the world.


How many do you recognise? Choose a country you are unfamiliar with and find out all about it.



Use the pictures of the flags above to complete the quiz on google forms.



Using what you learnt during today's reading task create an information leaflet about your chosen country.


Use headings such as:


 - culture

 - cuisine

 - popular sports

 - religion

 - population

 - any famous or significant people from that country


Use the link to the currency converter on google. Find out how much you get for £1 in different countries. 


Look at:

 - euros

 - american dollars

 - chilean peso

 - australian dollar

 - Japanese yen


google converter

Use the picture slide shows below to look at different art from around the world. Choose a style to copy or as inspiration for your own piece.

Aboriginal Art

Yanomami Tribal Art

African Art