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Making Memories



Our final challenge this week is to try to work out some multi - step word problems. Have a look at these slides before trying the Google form quiz. This will refresh your memory on how you can solve a problem. Colin is back to help you! 



Here's what one could look like. Remember to use bar models.



Try this problem.



And finally this one before you try the quiz.




Now try this and good luck! 


Word problems Google form quiz :


Writing task:

Following on from yesterday’s task, write in role as that person and create a short autobiography of their life. Think about the person’s emotions during key parts of their life.


Pick 5 Common Exception words from the Year 5/6 spelling list. Try and represent each word as a picture.



Create a profile about a famous book character e.g. Harry Potter, Matilda Wormwood or Percy Jackson. Think about their personality, physical features and special talents or skills.


Click on the image below and watch this interview with Paralympic gold medallist Helena Lucas.




In this interview, it talks about the dedication needed to be a successful sportsperson. Set yourself a goal to work on every day. You could create a poster outlining your goal and the steps you will take each day to work towards it. You may want to include steps you will take when you return to school.